Taylored Psychology works in a timely way to offer evidence-based services. We keep our clients at the heart of all we do. We listen carefully, offer care, choice and creative collaboration to encourage learning and growth. Our core values of compassion, respect, efficacy, safety and creativity apply to working with our clients, associates and employees. We aim to foster a supportive, learning environment, in which we learn from those who use our services and our professional community.

I formed Taylored Psychology to establish a dynamic forward-thinking company. We are committed to keeping abreast with new developments within our professional fields and clients’ lives. We make every effort to offer a high quality, professional service whilst remaining constantly curious about how we can improve. We welcome feedback, monitor outcomes and encourage associates to participate in research.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website and learning about what Taylored Psychology might offer you or your organization.

Dr Emma Taylor,
Company Director and Clinical Psychologist